International museum of the Caricature

The Museo Internazionale della Caricatura di Tolentino is the only one of the sort in Italy and between the few in the world. On initiative of Luigi Mari, it was inaugurated on September 1970 the 6. Actually is directeted by Melaton. In the museum there are numerous books, newspapers, catalogues and historical documents along with more than 3,000 works such as cuts, paintings, drawings and sculptures of the greater artists, between which: Leonardo, Augustin Carracci, Daumier, Gulbransson, Galantara, Scarpelli, Maccari, Attalo, Honored, Topor, Nino Za, Longanesi, Searle, Levine, Jacovitti, Mordillo, Fellini, Altan, Garretto, Folon...

The Bienniale one of Tolentino is one of the little Italian cultural institutions of international character who, from 1961, addresses to the promotion and the spreading of the Caricature and the humoristic Art of every time and country.
Planed and directed from the tolentinate doctor and caricaturistic Luigi Mari. The first edition was carried out from the 10 to the 24 september of 1961.
From then the participation has been increased more and more until catching up in 1999 one representation of 52 nations.
From 1975 the Bienniale one, in order to honor the name of its founder, has instituted the Prize " Luigi Mari ", destined to the best work for the caricaturistic portrate one.




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Museo Internazionale della Caricatura
Palazzo Sangallo - 62029 TOLENTINO (MC)
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